High quality, Affordable Painting and Modelling for Hobbyists.

About BrokenToad

BrokenToad grew from the belief that it is possible to have high quality hobby products at affordable prices. To achieve this we try to go the extra mile to discover what hobbyists actually want rather than to dictate what we think they need and with over 20 years’ experience in the miniature hobby world we feel we have the first-hand experience to know what a hobbyist expects and deserves from a product. We love our little niche community of hobbyists and hope we that we can help to make it a slightly more pleasant place to spend time doing what we all love.

BrokenToad Pigments

Pigments are used by modellers all over the world to add weathering and realism to their model builds. Currently we have 20 pigments in our range spanning a wide array of colours to help simulate multiple naturally occurring effects, these are all completely non-toxic, very finely ground natural mineral pigments suitable for either dusting straight onto a model or mixing with any liquid medium such as matt medium, glaze medium, varnish, Isopropyl alcohol or acrylic resin. All the pigments come in short, wide 30ml pots for ease of use.

BrokenToad Model Hobby Brushes

BrokenToad Miniature Series MK2

BrokenToad Miniature Series MK2 brushes are individually handmade from 100% pure Siberian male Kolinsky sable (Mustela Sibirica) hair, giving superior snap and paint retention, fitted onto a sleek, contemporary wooden handle shaped to give the brush excellent control and balance. The brush head features an ample belly, capable of holding a generous amount of paint, which tapers to a very fine point allowing the paint to flow precisely and accurately onto the model. With its natural conical shape and excellent snap we feel that handmade Kolinsky sable hair brushes are the best choice for model painters.

Brush Care

Conditioning Brush Soap

Over time paint brush hair can become dry and damaged, ruining the integrity of the brush and spoiling your painting enjoyment. BrokenToad Conditioning Brush Soap has been specifically designed to help aid in this problem, made using natural plant and vegetable oils our soap will help not only clean but also revitalise tired brushes by adding back the essential oils that brush hair loses during its lifetime. Our soap is completely none abrasive to gently clean brushes and contains no harmful chemicals or unpleasant odours. Simply use room temperature water to work up a lather in the pot with your brush, once the brush is clean reshape the tip using the soap and leave in the hairs for 30 minutes before rinsing to help condition and moisturise.

Resin Cast

All of our Resin Cast models are produced in house, pressure cast using top quality polyurethane resin to give a highly detailed and smooth finish that provides the best canvas for painters to enjoy. As painters ourselves we understand that hobbyists in the current age expect and deserve a higher calibre of model from which they can seek to excel in their craft. Working from original concepts we collaborate with some of the world’s leading miniature sculptors to help bring our Resin Cast model range to life, our aim is that we can not only to reach but hopefully exceed these expectations and deliver a model of the highest quality that can take its place alongside the finest models in your collection.

Contact BrokenToad

Please feel free to email us for any information you require on our products or to enquire about becoming a stockist in your store, alternatively we’re happy for you just to say hello!